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  • Best Jerky In America
  • “Whoever owns Urban Cowboy, thank you!! I got my order and tried the black pepper. It’s DELICIOUS!! OMG! Even my dad, who eats beef jerky, liked it!”.

    Our New Favorite Customer

  • “Toss these jerky’s in a reusable gift bag with a good bottle of biodynamic tequila, and you’ve got yourself a party!”

    Alicia Silverstone

Real People Try Urban Cowboy Jerky

Real People Try Urban Cowboy Jerky
Spicy Vegan Jerky

Made With Real Ingredients.

Healthy Mushroom Jerky

We wanted ingredients that everyone could stand behind... so we turned to the magic of the Mushrooms paired with a handful of spices. With the perfect taste, texture and 13 grams of protein per bag, we are proud to say we knocked it out of the park.

Plant Based Protein

Made from Mushrooms and a handful of spices.

Plant Based Protein

13 Grams of Natural Protein from Mushrooms.

Plant Based Protein

Fat Free, Cholesterol Free and Oil Free.

Plant Based Protein

Only 130 protein fueled calories per bag.

Spicy Vegan Jerky

Saving Water 99% Less Water

It takes an estimated 1,850 gallons of water to produce 1lb of beef1. That's the equivalent of not showering for 108 days straight. Sounds smelly right? Or you could save us from the stink and eat Urban Cowboy Jerky, which is made from mushrooms and only takes about 2 gallons2 of water per pound to grow.

Saving Water 99% Less Land

Its takes roughly 2-5 acres of land to raise one cow for human consumption over the course of a year1. Mushrooms take .01 acres to grow 12,000 lbs a year.

1The Diverse Structure and Organization of U.S. Beef Cow-Calf Farms