About Us

About Us

Real people Try Urban Cowboy Jerky👇👇

Founded after four years of being plant based and endless dreams of jerky, we are Urban Cowboy... and this is our story.

Initially, we just wanted to find a plant based jerky alternative to satisfy our cravings. But after trying every option on the market, genuinely trying to find one we liked, we were forced to create something to live up to our Texas jerky standards. Two years and thousands of batches later, we developed a plant based jerky that will knock the socks off even the most revered jerky connoisseur.

Health and environmental impact are both important factors to us at Urban Cowboy, so processed soy was not an option when developing our jerky. We needed ingredients that everyone could stand behind...so we turned to the magic of the Mushroom paired with a handful of spices. With the perfect taste, texture and 13 grams of protein per bag, we are proud to say we knocked it out of the park.

Now #giddyup and get that order placed.

So good, we legit, have not met a single meat eater who doesn't
freak out and love it

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